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How to Use Mobile Data on Nokia 6

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How to Use Mobile Data on Nokia 6

Nokia 6 Tutorial
How to Use Mobile Data on Nokia 6 - Nokia 6 is the first Nokia Android phone, now available globally Nokia 5 is a slimmed-down version of the Nokia 6 Nokia 3 is the entry-level model in Nokia's new Android phone. Learn how to setting Nokia 6 and use a mobile data connections on your Nokia with tutorial tips and tricks.

How to Use Mobile Data on Nokia 6

The new phones all go on sale in 120 markets in Q2 2017, the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 and the Nokia 6 with the litle family Nokia 3310 is a throwback to the past a classics feature phone. The Nokia's new Android phone Nokia 8 or Nokia 9 flagship tipped to be coming soon.

How to turn on a mobile data connection on Nokia 6

To turn on a mobile data connection on Nokia 6 is very simple, you can follow this manual instruction will guide you:
  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen,
  2. Tap network cellular
  3. Switch Mobile data to On.

How to use a mobile data connection when roaming

Connecting to the internet when roaming, especially when abroad, can raise data costs substantially.
Nokia 6 Tip: To follow your data usage, tap Settings > Data usage or on the SIM setting

How to Browse the web on Nokia 6

Launch the browser on Nokia6, catch up on the news, and visit your favorite websites. You can use Google Chrome in your phone to view web pages on the internet. Chrome can also help warn you against security threats.

Nokia 6 Tutorial
Nokia 6 Tutorial Tips and Tricks

To browse the web, you must be connected to the internet, no need for a computer you can easily browse the internet on your phone.

Nokia 6 Tutorial To browse the web:
  1. Tap Chrome.
  2. Start browsing
  3. Type a web address and tap arrow forward.
If your network service provider doesn't charge you a fixed fee for data transfer, to save on data costs, use a Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet.

Search the web

Explore the web and the outside world with Google search. You can use the keyboard to write your search words.
  1. In Chrome,
  2. Tap the search bar.
  3. Write your search word in the search box.
  4. Tap arrow_forward.
You can also select a search word from the proposed matches.

Open a new tab

When you want to visit several websites at the same time, you can open new browser tabs and switch between them.
  1. In Chrome,
  2. Tap the box next to the address bar.
  3. Tap add_box.
Switch between tabs
  1. In Chrome,
  2. Tap the box next to the address bar
  3. Tap the tab you want.
Close a tab
  1. In Chrome,
  2. Tap the box next to the address bar
  3. Tap X on the tab you want to close.

Use your data plan efficiently

If you’re worried about your data usage costs, your phone helps you prevent some apps from sending or receiving data when running in the background.
  1. Tap Settings > Data usage > Data saver.
  2. Switch Data saver to On.

Nokia 6 Tips and Tricks
Nokia 6 Manual
  1. Close all connections to improve battery life.
  2. Close your browser will reduce internet data usage, so do not use back tab in your Android browser.
  3. When you got problem while browsing, clear chace on your App setting, go to settings, App choose the browser App and clear chache and history. If the problems still available you can reset your device. 
  4. Read more Nokia 6 Tips and Tricks
How to Close a connection on Nokia 6

Close internet connections will save your battery by closing internet connections that are open in the background. You can do it without closing any apps.
  1. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi.
  2. Switch Wi-Fi to Off.
Close a mobile data connection
  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Tap network_cell.
  3. Switch Mobile data to Off.
Turn on airplane mode
  1. Tap Settings > More.
  2. Switch on Airplane mode.

Nokia 6 Hotspot

Use your phone to connect your computer to the web. It’s simple to use the internet on your laptop on the go. Turn your Nokia 6 into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and use your mobile data connection to access the internet with your laptop or other device.

Nokia 6 Hotspot Tutorial:
  • Tap Settings > More > Tethering & portable hotspot.

Switch on the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to share your mobile data connection over Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth tethering to use Bluetooth. The other device uses data from your data plan, which may result in data traffic costs. For info on availability and costs, contact your network service provider. Ads by Google