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Nokia 6 Quick Settings

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Nokia 6 Quick Settings

Nokia 6 Quick Settings Panels
Nokia 6 Quick Settings - Stay in touch with what’s happening on your phone with notifications. To see more Nokia 6 quick setting buttons, drag the quick settings menu further down and learn here how to use and customize.

Nokia 6 Quick Settings

Android isn't the same on all devices. These instructions are for devices running Android 7.1 and up. Check which version of Android you have. Get to settings you use often — like brightness, airplane mode, and battery — from anywhere on your device with Quick Settings.

Open Quick Settings
To see your short Quick Settings bar, swipe down once from the top of an unlocked screen.

Using quick setting buttons
  • Tap quick setting buttons to activate some features.
To rearrange buttons, tap EDIT, tap and hold a button, and then drag it to another location.

Using the notification panel
When you receive new notifications, such as messages or missed calls, indicator icons appear on the Nokia 6 status bar. To see more information about the icons, open the notification panel and view the details. Nokia 6 user guide / instuctions to open the notification panel:
  • Drag the status bar downwards. To close the notification panel, swipe upwards on the screen.
In your nokia 6 Quick Settings panel, most settings show their names. Your Quick Settings bar and status bar show icons only.
Nokia 6 Notification Panels

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Cellular / Mobile network
  4. Battery
  5. Airplane mode
  6. Data saver
  7. Hotspot
  8. Locations/GPS
  9. Display Settings
  10. Torch
  11. Auto Rotate
  12. Portait
  13. Alarm
  14. Quick Settings

Change the volume
If you have trouble hearing your phone ringing in noisy environments, or calls are too loud, you can change the volume to your liking by using the volume keys on the side of your phone.
Do not connect to products that create an output signal, as this may damage the device. Do not connect any voltage source to the audio connector. If you connect an external device or headset, other than those approved for use with this device, to the audio connector, pay special attention to volume levels.

Change the volume for media and apps
Press a volume key on the side of your phone to see the volume status bar, tap V, and drag the slider on the volume bar for media and apps left or right.

Set the phone to silent
Press a volume key on the side of your phone, and tap to switch to silent.
Don’t want to keep your phone in silent mode but can’t answer right now? To silence an incoming call, press the volume down key.

Take a screenshot
Press and hold the Power key and the Volume down simultaneously. You can view captured images in Gallery. It is not possible to capture a screenshot while using some apps and features.

Nokia 6 Wi-Fi
Find out more about using the WLAN connection.

Connect to a WLAN
Connecting to a WLAN network is a handy way of accessing the internet. When out and about, you can connect to WLAN networks in public places, such as a library or internet café.
  1. Tap Settings > WLAN.
  2. Switch WLAN to On.
  3. Select the connection you want to use.
Your Nokia 6 WLAN connection is active when is shown on the status bar at the top of the screen.
Tip: If you want to track locations when satellite signals are not available, for example when you're indoors or between tall buildings, switch WLAN on to improve positioning accuracy.
Note: Using WLAN may be restricted in some countries. For example, in the EU, you are only allowed to use 5150–5350 MHz WLAN indoors, and in the USA and Canada, you are only allowed to use 5.15–5.25 GHz WLAN indoors. For more info, contact your local authorities.

Close the Nokia 6 connection
  1. Tap Settings > WLAN.
  2. Switch WLAN to Off.

Nokia 6 Bluetooth
You can connect wirelessly to other compatible devices, such as phones, computers, headsets, and car kits. You can also send your photos to compatible phones or to your computer.
Nokia 6 Settings

Connect Nokia 6 to a wireless headset
With a wireless headset (sold separately), you can speak on the phone hands-free – you can continue what you're doing, such as working at your computer, during a call.
Since devices with Bluetooth wireless technology communicate using radio waves, they do not need to be in direct line-of-sight. Bluetooth devices must, however, be within 10 metres (33 feet) of each other, although the connection may be subject to interference from obstructions such as walls or from other electronic devices.
Paired devices can connect to your phone when Bluetooth is switched on. Other devices can detect your phone only if the Bluetooth settings screen is open.

Do not pair with or accept connection requests from an unknown device. This helps to protect your phone from harmful content.
  1. Tap Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. Switch Bluetooth to On.
  3. Make sure the headset is on.
    1. You may need to start the pairing process from the headset. For details, see your headset user guide.
  4. To pair your phone and the headset, tap the headset in the list of discovered Bluetooth devices.
  5. You may need to type in a passcode from your headset user guide.
Nokia 6 Tips: These connection instructions also apply to other Bluetooth accessories.

Disconnect the headset
Tap the headset name and OK to confirm.
When you switch the headset on again, the connection reopens automatically. To remove the pairing, Tap next to a device name and FORGET.

Connect to your friend’s phone with Bluetooth
Use Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your friend's phone, to share photos, and much more.
  1. Tap Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is switched on in both phones.
  3. Make sure both phones are visible to other phones. You need to be in the Bluetooth settings view for your phone to be visible to other phones.
  4. You can see the Bluetooth phones within range. Tap the phone you want to connect to, and tap Pair.
  5. If the other phone needs a passcode, type in or accept the passcode.
  6. The passcode is only used when you connect to something for the first time.

Send your content using Bluetooth
When you want to share your content or send photos you've taken to a friend, use Bluetooth to send your stuff to compatible devices.
You can use more than one Bluetooth connection at a time. For example, while using a Bluetooth headset, you can still send things to another device.
  1. Tap Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. Switch Bluetooth to On.
  3. Go to the content you want to send, and tap > Bluetooth.
  4. Tap the device to connect to. You can see the Bluetooth devices within range.
  5. If the other device needs a passcode, type in the passcode. The passcode, which you can make up, must be typed in on both devices. The passcode in some devices is fixed, see the user guide of the other device.
  6. The location of the received files depends on the other device.
Nokia 6 Display Settings
Change the Nokia 6 screen settings, set the phone screen to switch off after a short time.
  • Tap Settings > Display > Sleep and select the time.
Lower the screen brightness
  • Tap Settings > Display > Brightness level. Make sure that Automatic brightness is unchecked. To adjust the brightness, drag the Brightness level slider.
Stop apps from running in the background
  • Tap the square key, and close the apps you don’t need.
Use location services selectively
  • Switch location services off when you don’t need them. Tap Settings > Location, and switch to Off.
Use network connections selectively
  1. Switch Bluetooth on only when needed.
  2. Use a WLAN connection to connect to the internet, rather than a mobile data connection.
  3. Stop your phone scanning for available wireless networks. Tap Settings > WLAN, and switch to Off.
  4. If you're listening to music or otherwise using your phone, but don't want to make or receive calls, switch Flight mode on. Tap Settings > Airplane & more > Airplane mode.
Nokia 6 Tutorial to see your full Quick Settings panel:
  • If your phone is locked, swipe down once.
  • If your phone is unlocked, swipe down once with 2 fingers, or twice with one finger.
  • If your Quick Settings bar is open, tap the Down arrow Down Arrow.

Adjust settings or see status details

To turn a setting on or off, or to see its status:
  1. Open Quick Settings.
  2. Tap the setting. Settings are white when on, and dimmed when off.

To see more options for a setting:
  1. Open Quick Settings.
  2. Touch & hold the setting.

Add, remove, or move a setting

To add, delete, or change the order of your settings:

Open Quick Settings.
  1. Tap Edit Edit.
  2. Touch and drag settings to where you want them.
  3. To add a setting, drag it up from "Drag to add tiles."
  4. To remove a setting, drag it down to "Drag here to remove."
Your first several settings tiles become your Quick Settings bar. Ads by Google