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Nokia 6 Camera HDR Settings Like a Pro

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Nokia 6 Camera HDR Settings Like a Pro

Nokia 6 Camera
Nokia 6 Camera HDR Settings Like a Pro - Nokia 6 built in 16MP camera for the rear and 8MP for front. The Nokia 6 got unboxing, hands-on and now realese for you. We guide you get optimum performing Nokia 6 camera, photos, videos with tutorial, tips and tricksfor the best Nokia 6 settings.

Nokia 6 Camera HDR Settings Like a Pro

Nokia 6 camera offers HDR and a dual-tone flash make your phone has all you need for capturing memories or selfie snapper is more than serviceable for the occasional vanity shot. Maximal with your Nokia 6 camera, you can easily take photos or record videos. Taking a photo or recording a video is quick and easy, as is sharing it with your friends.

Nokia 6 Tutorials
Shoot sharp and vibrant photos – capture the best moments in your photo album.
  • Tap Camera, and the shutter button. To record video, tap vide record icon.
To take a selfie easily, use the front camera of your phone. In Camera app, tap button.

Use Nokia 6 Camera Like a Pro
To set Pro Camera or HDR, make sure you have every aspect of your photo under control, set the camera to Nokia 6 Manual mode. Here The settings:
Nokia 6 Settings
  • In Camera app, tap > Capture settings > Manual.
Choose custom menu by swipw and tap the menu icon.

You can take photos with a timer too, by read this tutorial:
  1. In camera app, tap . The button shows the timer setting.
  2. To change it, tap it again.
Pick the best exposure
To change the exposure settings, tap , and choose the setting.

Nokia 6 High Quality Photos and Videos
The folowing guide is take a high quality photos and videos:
  • In Camera app, tap > Aspect ratio and resolution, and set the resolution to your liking.

Nokia 6 Settings
Save your photos and videos to a memory card. If there is a memory card in your phone, and your phone memory is filling up, save the photos you take and videos you record to the memory card.

For the best Nokia 6 video quality, record videos to your phone memory. If you record videos to the memory card, it is recommended that the microSD card you use is a fast 4–128GB card by a well-known manufacturer.
  • To change the settings, tap > Data storage.
Tutorial View Photos and Videos
Here's how you view, organise, share, and edit your photos and videos. To view photos and videos Relive those important moments – view the photos and videos on your phone.
    Nokia 6 Video Sample
  • Tap Gallery.
You can see our Nokia 6 camera sample picture.

How to move Nokia 6 photos and videos to computer?
You can use your computer’s file manager to copy or move your photos and videos to the computer.
Connect your phone to the computer with a compatible USB cable. To set the USB connection type, open the notification panel, and tap the USB notification.

How to share Nokia 6 Photos and Videos?
You can share your photos and videos quickly and easily for your friends and family to see.
  • In Nokai 6 Gallery, tap share. 
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