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How to Write a Notes on Nokia 6

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How to Write a Notes on Nokia 6

Nokia 6 Notes
How to Write a Notes on Nokia 6 - Manage your appointments on the go and stay updated with your phone. Create Nokia 6 notes by entering text from the keyboard on the screen. Learn how to create notes, and use office aplications, settings, calendar, event, reminder and calculator.

How to Write a Notes on Nokia 6

Notes on paper are easy to lose. Instead, write them down with Note app. This way, you always have your notes with you. Nokia 6 manual instructions to create note:
  1. Tap Note > +.
  2. Select a template and write your note.
  3. To save a note, tap Save.

Calendar on Nokia 6
Keep track of time – learn how to keep your appointments, tasks, and schedules up to date.
  • Tap Calendar.
Manage calendars
  1. Tap Calendar > + > Settings.
  2. Tap your existing account to edit its settings, or tap ADD ACCOUNT.
Add an Event on Nokia 6
To remember an appointment or an event, add it to your calendar.
  1. Tap Calendar > +.
  2. Type in the details you want, and pencil set the time.
  3. To make the appointment repeat on certain days, tap > One-time event, and fill in the details.
  4. To add a reminder, tap ...> Add reminder, and the time you need.
Nokia Tips: To edit an event, tap the event you want and , and edit the details you want.

Delete an appointment
  • Tap Calendar, and tap the event and remove.

Use the Nokia 6 Calculator
Forget your pocket calculator, there’s a calculator in your Nokia 6 open the menu and
  • Tap Calculator.

Use advanced calculator
  • Tap Calculator >: > Switch keyboard.
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