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How to Settings Nokia 6 Wi-Fi

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How to Settings Nokia 6 Wi-Fi

Nokia 6 Wi-Fi
How to Settings Nokia 6 Wi-Fi - Learn how to settinggs Nokia 6 Wi-Fi, create wireless connections and browse the web while keeping your data costs down. Customise Nokia 6 settings for functions and apps. You can make your device more personalised by configuring various setting options.

How to Settings Nokia 6 Wi-Fi

Setup Nokia 6 WiFi connection is generally faster and less expensive than using a mobile data connections. If your network service provider charges you on a pay-as-you-use basis, you may want to change the WLAN and mobile data settings to reduce your data costs. You can use different settings for roaming and at home. Use encryption to increase the security of your WLAN connection. Using encryption reduces the risk of others accessing your data.

How to Turn on Nokia 6 Wi-Fi network

Activate the Wi-Fi feature to connect to a Wi-Fi network and access the Internet or other network devices. Connecting to a WLAN network is a handy way of accessing the internet. When out and about, you can connect to WLAN networks in public places, such as a library or internet café. If both the Nokia 6 WLAN and mobile data connections are available, your phone uses the WLAN connection. Manual to Turn on Nokia 6 Wi-Fi network:
  1. Tap Settings > WLAN.
  2. Switch WLAN to On.
  3. Select the connection you want to use.
Your Nokia 6 WLAN connection is active when is shown on the status bar at the top of the screen. If you want to track locations when satellite signals are not available, for example when you're indoors or between tall buildings, switch WLAN on to improve positioning accuracy.

Using WLAN may be restricted in some countries. For example, in the EU, you are only allowed to use 5150–5350 MHz WLAN indoors, and in the USA and Canada, you are only allowed to use 5.15–5.25 GHz WLAN indoors. For more info, contact your local authorities.

Use a mobile data connection
  • Tap Settings > Airplane & more, and switch Cellular data on.
Use a mobile data connection when roaming
  • Tap Settings > Cellular networks, and switch Data roaming on.
Connecting to the internet when roaming, especially when abroad, can raise data costs substantially. To follow your data usage, tap Settings > Data usage.

How to Create Hotspot
It’s simple to use the internet on your laptop on the go. Turn your phone into a Nokia 6 hotspot, and use your mobile data connection to access the internet with your laptop or other device. Here te instruction manual:
Nokia 6 Settings
  1. Tap Settings > Tethering & portable hotspot.
  2. Switch the Portable WLAN hotspot on to share your mobile data connection over WLAN, or Bluetooth tethering to use Bluetooth.
The other device uses data from your data plan, which may result in data traffic costs. For info on availability and costs, contact your network service provider.

Nokia 6 Tips and Ticks

Tips and tricks efficiently data plan: If you’re worried about your data usage costs, your phone helps you prevent some apps from sending or receiving data when running in the background.
  1. Tap Settings > Data usage > Data saver.
  2. Switch Data saver to On.
Nokia 6 Tutorials
Catch up on the news, and visit your favourite websites. You can use Browser in your phone to view web pages on the internet. Your browser can also help warn you against security threats.

Tap Browser.
  • To browse the web, you must be connected to the internet.

Browse the web
No need for a computer – you can easily browse the internet on your phone. If your network service provider doesn't charge you a fixed fee for data transfer, to save on data costs, use a WLAN network to connect to the internet.
  1. Tap Browser.
  2. In browser, tap .
  3. Write a web address.
Open a new tab
When you want to visit several websites at the same time, you can open new browser tabs and switch between them.
  • In browser, tap on the top right > +.
Switch between tabs
  • In browser, tap on the top right, and the tab you want.
Close a tab
  • In browser, tap on the top right, and tap X on the tab you want to close.

Search the web
Explore the web and the outside world with search function. You can use the keyboard to write your search words.
  1. In browser, tap the search bar.
  2. Write your search word in the search box, and tap v. You can also select a search word from the proposed matches.

How to close Nokia 6 internet connections?

Save your battery by closing internet connections that are open in the background. You can do it without closing any apps.
1. Tap Settings > WLAN.
2. Switch WLAN to Off.

Close a mobile data connection
  • Tap Settings > Airplane & more, and switch Mobile data off.
Turn the airplane mode on
  • Tap Settings > Airplane & more, and switch Airplane mode on.
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