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How to Play Musics on Nokia 6

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How to Play Musics on Nokia 6

How to Play Musics and Video on Nokia 6
How to Play Musics on Nokia 6 - You can use your Nokia 6 Adroid to watch videos and listen to music and podcasts while on the move. Learn how to play, settings, and customize Nokia 6 musics and Video.

How to Play Musics on Nokia 6

Listen to your favourite music by using Nokia 6 wherever you are. Nokia 6 Manual to play musics:
  1. Tap Music >Menu > Local music
  2. Tap the artist, album, song, genre, or playlist you want to play.
Pause or resume playback
  1. Tap the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen to open Now Playing.
  2. Tap Play or Pause.
Tips: To play songs in a random order, tap cross arrow.

Create a playlist on Nokia 6
Organise your songs into playlists, so you can listen to music that fits your mood.
  1. When playing a song, tap : > Add to playlist.
  2. To add a song to your new playlist, tap New. To add a song to an existing playlist, select the playlist.
Tutorial Add Songs to Nokia 6

If you have music or videos stored on your computer, but want to access them on your phone, use a USB cable to sync the media between your phone and computer.
  1. Connect your Nokia 6 to a compatible computer with a USB cable.
  2. In your computer's file manager, such as Windows Explorer or macOS Finder, drag and drop your songs and videos to your phone.
Nokia 6 Play VideoHow to Play Musics and Video on Nokia 6?
The 5.5” full-HD Nokia 6 display and wide color reproduction make it easy to enjoy your entertainment, even while out and about in bright daylight. And the wide viewing angle makes it easy to watch videos with friends.

Play a Video on Nokia 6

Have your favourite media with you while on the move , watch Nokia 6 videos wherever you are.
  1. Tap Nokia 6 Video player.
  2. Tap the video you want to play.
Pause or resume Nokia 6 playback
  1. Tap Play or Pause.
  2. Fast-forward or rewind
  3. Drag the slider left or right.

Nokia 6 FM Radio

Learn how to listen to the Nokia 6 radio on your phone. Enjoy your favourite FM radio stations on the go. To listen to the radio, you need to connect a compatible headset to the device. The headset acts as an antenna. The headset may be sold separately.
Nokia 6 FM Radio

  1. Tap FM Radio Service.
  2. Go to the next or previous station
  3. Swipe left or right on the frequency bar.
Save a radio station
Save your favourite radio stations so you can easily listen to them later. Here the settings to save:
  1. To save the station that you are listening to, tap *.

View your saved stations list
  • Tap v > Favorite List.

Remove a station from the list
  • Tap * when listening to a station.
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